I started on my journey to becoming The Phoenix Mage as a child.  I grew up reading every fantasy book I possibly could and rejoiced in the idea of there being "more" to the universe than might be apparent.  There were also a few "unexplainable" experiences that my friends and I had that, though a little weird, we fully accepted as real.


As a teenager I was introduced to the ancient pantheons of gods and goddesses - Greek, Sumerian, Egyptian and Celtic - and something clicked within me.  I have always been an explorer of sorts and so off I went to find out more.  I delved into the world of crystals, the art of divination, the teachings of world religions such as buddhism and so on.  Some things stuck whilst others served the simple purpose of opening myself up to other people's perspectives and experiences.

At the same time I was exploring my spirituality, I had a keen interest in holistic medicine and science.  I had grown up with homeopathic remedies to help support me through any number of ailments.  Also, from the age of 13 I suffered chronic pain in my knees and occasionally other joints.  Chiropractors, Alexander Technique Therapists, Acupuncturists, the use of magnets and other therapies helped make it bearable and I will be eternally grateful to them (and my parents who were willing to try anything).


And then, when I reached 18, I fell in love with what became my first calling - psychology.  Learning about how and why people think, feel and do what they do fascinated me and I wanted to use it to help others - very much in the same way as I had been helped to manage my pain.  So I became an occupational psychologist and that is what I have spent the vast majority of my career doing - helping people navigate successfully around the world of work.


Everything was rosy and I loved my life.  I was giving everything I had to the people I worked with, my friends and my family.  However, it was a house of cards.  I wasn't doing the work to look after myself as well and so I had what I now refer to as a spiritual awakening.  Therapy helped me to realise that I am an empath and needed to learn not just about the energies of the mind, body and spirit but also how to manage them so they are in balance.  I realised that my spiritual and psychological passions weren't separate but just different facets of the same concept - we are all connected through the exchange of energy (which is why my current reading list includes books on quantum physics!).


The enlightenment I have gotten over the last 6 or 7 years since, has led me to embrace myself fully and is why I have become Jocelyn, the Phoenix Mage.  I am an energy worker who wants to foster connections between people and the universe.  I'm excited about what that has introduced into my life so far and I'm looking forward to seeing where and with whom it takes me.

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