It's so lovely to meet you!  Let me introduce myself...


My name is Jocelyn.  I am many things to many people (daughter, sister, cousin, aunt, friend, mum to two fluffy felines...the list goes on!) but my goal in life is relatively simple - I want to help foster connections.


First are connections with ourselves - our minds, bodies and spirits.  Second are connections with each other - we are hardwired to seek out communities so that we feel safe whilst journeying through life.  Finally, are connections with the universe - the beautiful and amazing energies that we can call upon to guide us, lift us up and help us find our way.


I look forward to connecting with you.

From an early age I loved to watch the world go by, imagining the stories that people might tell me if asked.  I read voraciously so I could discover new worlds and customs.  I also spent many happy summers travelling to different parts of the UK and France - always fascinated by the different cultures.  Unfortunately I also experienced bullying at school and the sting of betrayal by people I trusted - I wanted to understand human behaviour better.


So I was naturally drawn to study psychology at university and, in doing so, started on the path that got me to today.  I am proud to say that I have been a Chartered Occupational Psychologist for over a decade now.


I use a holistic approach to teach, coach, mentor or counsel individuals and groups to understand who they are, where they will most likely find joy and satisfaction when working, how to navigate the "human element" of work and the principles, practices, tools and techniques that will enhance a person's capability.


Let me help you realise your hopes, dreams and potential.

The natural curiosity that prompted me to embrace psychology has also led me to explore my spirituality.  Some things didn't fit, some things fitted like a glove and some things simply encouraged me to carry on my journey of discovery.


I am grateful for this adventure as it has provided me with so much, including tools I can use to help others.  I work with dragons, archangels, spirit guides and, of course, the phoenixes to help clients gain insight into their thoughts, feelings and energy patterns.  The support, advice and guidance I am able to give, with the inputs of these magnificent beings (and, boy, do they all have ideas!) is invaluable and, most of all, always from the heart.  To enhance this connection, I use tarot and oracle cards, crystals and meditation.


I also call upon them when practising as a Reiki master.  Reiki is an energy healing technique which can help people in many different ways.  I am an intuitive practitioner, a conduit for the universal energy and there to help my clients find balance.


Come and spend some time with me and my friends.

Feeling as though you belong is powerful.  Knowing that someone sees, hears and/or feels the real you, especially when you are at your most vulnerable, helps build self-esteem, confidence and acceptance of oneself.


The kindness, compassion, non-judgement and welcome I've found within the spiritual community has had a profound effect on me.  I want to "pass it on".  I want to create opportunities for others to experience what I have and be encouraged to do the same.  Whilst our journeys are ours alone, we can always travel together for part of it.


To this end, as well as my individual client work, I run a monthly phoenix meditation group, retreats and other events.  I'm also happy to promote other people who/events which share this philosophy.


Come and join the party!

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